Homeowners Insurance – Get the right Coverage For All Your Belongings

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Why You Need Home Insurance

Homeowners need insurance to protect their homes and personal property and to protect against liability for injuring third persons on damaging their property.
Homeowners’ insurance is needed to be protected from claims brought against you by others.
Homeowners need insurance to cover such disasters as theft, vandalism, falling objects, smoke, wind, fire, hail, vehicle, frozen pipes, water heaters, sudden cracking, aircraft.
Homeowners’ policies provide coverage for the contents in your home such as TVs, clothes and furniture, and jewelry. More on this website @ https://falconins.com/home-insurance/

Type of Coverage

The most common types of homeowners insurance are HO-2 and HO-3 policies.
HO-2 is a broad policy that offers protection from 11 basic perils plus six more. Some of these includes fire and smoke, wind storm and hail, riot and civil misconduct, falling objects, the weight of snow or ice and accident water leakage from home appliances.
HO-3 is an extended policy for special homeowner items. It provides protection from 17 perils not cited in your policy with the exception of earthquake, war and nuclear accidents.
There are other forms of insurance available if types of HO-2 and HO-3 do not suit your needs.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Homeowners are eligible for a National Flood insurance policy. Coverage is available for buildings and personal property. The cost of coverage depends on your flood zone risk area.

Content Coverage

Content coverage for homeowners includes the following:
Clothing and furniture, portable or window-type air conditioning units, portable microwaves and portable dishwashers, carpets over finished flooring located above ground, carpets, not permanently installed over finished flooring, “cook-out” grills, food freezers, clothes washers, dryers, and food freezers are only covered by contents coverage, whether they are located above ground, or below ground in a basement.
Coverage is offered up to $100,000 for contents with a standard flood policy and up to $100,000 for contents
with a preferred risk policy. Click on this link @ https://falconins.com
,h3>Home Insurance Rates

The average home insurance rate in Texas is $1945.00. These rates reflect average premiums on newly sold policies. Texas is the seventh most expensive state in the country for home insurance.
You can save by taking advantage of a home-auto discount premium which could save you about 20% on a policy. If you have a burglar alarm or deadbolt lock, other discounts may be offered.

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